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Feb 5

Missleading Info: Ascend Payment forms are not available in Editor X

The Ascend Pricing & Plans table promises that you will be able to use Payment Accept forms via Editor X while it is totaly not true. You must notify users that some mentioned feautres are not available at all. When it is going to get available?

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Hi, Thank you for sharing your experience. We encountered a bug with the form and hope to have the feature released again soon, but can't commit to a date yet. If you are blocked with completing your site or are unable to use the packages you purchased at the moment, then you can contact our support team to request a refund here: If you have any questions or concerns, then please let us know here or contact our support team. Again, we apologize for the experience.

Hello, Sebi!

Many thanks for the reply. I'd wait until you fix the bug. And, just in case, if it is possibe to turn on the feature for the account, I'd be happy to help with testing / feedback and so on — it will be extremely helpful to have it at the "staging" phase for my website.

Best, Max

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