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Feb 10

Mobile View Editing

I am having trouble with making my website mobile friendly. When I go to mobile view, and move the containers, it also moves it on the desktop version, which it should not do. In this template, there are containers which look nice on mobile, but on my site, everything gets clumped up. What am I doing wrong?

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Hey @central,

I'm Shiri from the Editor X team, thanks for reaching out.

It is hard to say without seeing your specific site, but from what I see in the template, it has many containers. Could be that the issue is cased due to reparenting of containers in mobile which will apply in all breakpoints.

But for more accurate advice, It will be best for you to get live assistance.

You can contact support here, they will be happy to bring up your site and help you fix it.


I'm having this same issue today. Anyone have any fixes for it?


Hi! Could you provide some images to demonstrate what the issue is - there could be a myriad of different issues that you could be running into, but without providing an example relevant to your site its very difficult to work out! What I understand of your issue is that the items within the containers get clumped up on mobile view, and when you edit them for mobile view, the edits cascade upwards to desktop view also - for clarification does this mainly effect text & button elements, or does this issue relate to images/other media also?



Feb 10

So in EditorX, edits made in mobile should not translate to the desktop view, right? When I move my containers around, they move in desktop view too.

Feb 10Edited: Feb 10

@central Containers shouldn't move if used on lower breakpoint that is correct - it could be a bug with your editor - however this is unclear and I've not experienced any behaviour like this before. Could you demonstrate the issue by screen-recording & uploading a video so we can see exactly whats going on in your editor? :)) (Sorry for the slow reply!)

Feb 11

@Elliot Gibson

Feb 11

I just tried again, and it worked fine. I think it was a temporary bug with the editor.


I am also having this issue. When I change font size in the mobile breakpoint, the desktop breakpoint also changes. For example, I set up the desktop breakpoint first at 24 pt. Then I work my way to the mobile breakpoint & want the font to be 18 pt. When I go back to the desktop breakpoint, the font size has been changed to 18 pt after changing the mobile breakpoint. VERY FRUSTRATING!

This may be a temporary bug as central also ran into - one trick that could fix this is clicking on the specific breakpoint markers rather than using the sliders, although this is hopeful - it is most likely client side/browser side, so cleaning cookies &/or refreshing the page should fix this issue.

Feb 11Edited: Feb 11

Cleaning cookies & refreshing the page did no good.

Feb 11

I think we have to keep in mind that EditorX is in beta, therefore bugs are expected.

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