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Sep 28, 2020

Mobile view issues

Hi, I'm new to EditorX. Wondering why the mobile view is loading extremely slowly and displaying in the desktop format.

Also wondering how can I view elements again if I've hidden them by clicking don't display?

Thank you.

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Hey @Nasrah Omar!

I'm Miri from the EditorX product team.

First of all, welcome!

Regrading the mobile loading time, can you please share your site and elaborate what is loading slowly (the editor, the live site or a specific page?)

Regarding how to view hidden elements - you can use the layers panel on the left to see hidden elements and to display them again (by clicking on the eye icon):

Hope this helps.

Have a great day!

Sep 30, 2020

Hi Miri @Miri Lodman

Thanks for your help.

Also wondering -

How can I change the order the pages are listed on via the hamburger menu on mobile view? I need to rearrange the order they show up in.

How do I add images to a footer and also have it visible only on certain pages?

Thank you again.


Hey @Nasrah Omar,

  1. You can arrange the order of the pages and links through the 'Manage Menu' panel of the menu. Select the Hamburger menu --> Open Menu --> Select the vertical menu --> Manage Menu --> Show Pages to decide which pages to add to the menu --> Drag the pages and links to reorder them. Please note you can create this way many different menus.

2. You can create a few different footers (saving sections as Masters) and define to who them on different pages.

You can check how it is done in the masters lesson:

*In order to set a section to be a 'Footer' master, it should be the last section on the page when the master is created.

Hope it helps :)


Oct 5, 2020

Hi @Miri Lodman sorry for troubling you again but I've sorted the graphics etc to expedite the loading time but my photo portfolio on mobile is still loading in the desktop format, despite me clearing the cache and trying loading it on multiple smartphones - the site is here

Hi, thank you for sharing. Can you please submit a bug via the "Help & Feedback" dropdown in the topbar?

This will help us make sure we have good channel to communicate with you about the issue.



I am having the same issue. The mobile version is loading only after reloading 3-4 times. The viewport for the mobile version seems almost double that of what it should be, thereby making the site scroll horizontally which shouldn't happen.


In safari on the phone press the two A’s next to url then press request mobile website

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