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May 6

Mobile View not displaying properly

Not fully done with my site yet but on mobile devices, 1/4 of the screen is empty on the right side. What am I doing wrong? Here is my site (View it on a phone))

Best Answer
May 6

Hey @Hugs Etienne ,

I'm Miri from the EditorX product team.

First of all, your site is beautiful.

Secondly, it seems that one of the components created extra space on the right side causing this empty space.

What you need to do is simple to remove its redundant margins:

Let me know if it helped.


Hey Miri, Thank you very much! You definitely helped. Have a great day!

Jul 7

I was having the exact issue, thanks so much for the response!


I had the same problem, thanks for helping


Hey I have the same issue but can't figure out the issue. Can you look at my website please? @Miri Lodman

Hi Black Line Productions,

I'm Karina from the EditorX Product team.

From looking into your site, it looks that some of the components in the Footer section created extra space on the right side causing this issue.

You can solve this by adjusting the text component's size or changing their position to one above the other instead of one next to each other

Let me know if this helps!


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