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Sep 3
Edited: Sep 3

Multi-state box in Editor X

Dear friends, I have a quesiton about corvid adn editor X.

I am using Muli-State boxes well in Wix editor and switching them with this code

export function button2_click(event) {



export function button2_click(event) {



to switch boxes with button, it is great solution for speed up the website and avoid page switching. But ".changeState" is not working in Editor X. there is an arror.

I can not find such option in Editor X. .

Can you advise what can be the solution to reach the same result as with multi-state box with buttons, but in editor X?


#multistatebox #on_click #changeState



Currently, we do not have have the component for Multi-state boxes in Editor X. We are working on implementing it to the platform. You can create a show/hide logic with different boxes on your site.

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