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Mar 25

Multi-step forms

I heard about the ability to migrate six websites to editor x is now in beta and I looking to learn more about editor x as I would like my website to be more responsive like the sites are in editor x but I see that there is no multi-step forms. Is it just me? I was expecting editor X to have everything six had and more. Are there other things that Wix site have that Editor X doesn't?

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Mar 26Edited: Mar 26

Hi @Anthony Johnson.

Currently it is not possible to create a multi step form in Editor X. This is currently a Feature Request and you can vote for it here:

And there are many apps and features that are available in Wix but not in Editor X. But the @Editor X Team is constantly working on adding new features to the platform so stary tuned to the Releases and updates to get notified about new feature releases.

Hope this helps! (:

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