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Apr 30

multilingual e-commerce site

What possibility is there right now to create a multilingual e-commerce site? The multilingual app has disappeared from the X editor and therefore you have to do it through the pages built separately but then the problem becomes e-commerce pages because you cannot customize the various pages such as the shopping cart and the check out, is all this right? How long will it take to have WIX EDITOR X fully multilingual?


Hi Davide, I am Dana from the editor X team.

Unfortunately Multilingual is not supported yet on Editor X. We definitely understand how important the feature is and are working on incorporating it into Editor X. I don't believe you can configure the language per widget in Wix Stores. If you are a Corvid user you might have a workaround by creating multiple sites and redirecting visitors based on browser language, but this is pretty advanced.

Multilingual is already on our Wish List so you can go ahead and vote for it, or add any other feature requests. Best,



I agree with Davide. That's the same I need. That would be great.

Sep 1

Yes please we need to have this configuration

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