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Nov 1

Multilingual editor X

Multilingual is a huge problem.

I live in Canada, it's a bilingual country.

My website is being automatically translated on french browsers.

My headline in english is Get lost in the right direction.

In french, it literally translate to: Fuck off in the right direction. (Foutez le camp dans la bonne direction).

It make me wonder how it is translated in other languages...

We need a work around, this is unacceptable.


I am Sebi from the Product Team.

It appears that the automatic translation is a service in the browser (i.e. Google Translate), this is not a service from Wix but rather the translation service from Google.

When the browser reaches your site it checks the language and if it finds that the site is not the same language as the browser, then it will translate the site to that language.

Unfortunately in this case, it is a poor translation that can be offensive.

We don't support the multilingual in Editor X yet, but we do have some options to create a multilingual site.

You can duplicate your EN pages and create new headers for FR pages, then you will just need to have a CTA to jump between the FR and EN pages.

We are working on implementing multilingual to Editor X in the future.

Note: You can give Google feedback on the poor translation here ("feedback" button under translation).

Ok, reassuring to know it’s not a big from the site. I tried to duplicate the English home page to make a French page but every time i try that, it says error 10104. I can duplicate other pages but not the home and the contact (light boxe). Is there any work around ?

@Jonathan Rouxel It seems like you encountered a corruption bug. Our team can investigate. Can you please submit a "Bug Report" via the top bar under "help"? We will need to know the exact steps to reproduce this issue and it's location.

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