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Feb 19
Edited: Feb 19

multiple data elements in a single container

I want to create a simple list of books and articles based on my dataset. Each item in the list would draw the Title, Author, Publication Data, Short Description, and Link info from the dataset, but there is no need to make a separate paragraph for each of these fields. I just want to keep all the info in one paragraph per item; i assume i can format the fields in some standard way, for instance by applying bold or italic formatting to the display of the Title field. But I can't for the life of me figure out how to get multiple dataset fields in the same paragraph container. Can this be done, and how?

I hope i've formulated the question well enough to get an answer!

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Hi @editorx,

You should use a single database with six fields: Title, Author, Publication Date, Short Description, and link. Next, to design your book description, place six different text files inside a repeater item and connect etch to its database field.

You can't use just one paragraph because the text inside is only one item and can be linked to one field.

You can read more about it here:

Mar 1Edited: Mar 1

So basically, you're telling me i can't do it, right? I just want a simple paragraph that contains Title, Author, Publication Date, Short Description, and link. And this will repeat for each item in my database, which is just a list of books and articles, with brief notices about them. If i wanted bullets (which i don't), it would look exactly like a bulleted list, where each item contained those elements, in that order. Not possible, eh? It's actually astonishing how little support there is for something this simple. I don't want "cards" or grids or slideshows or even images. All i want is a paragraph that can be repeated endlessly, containing those six elements from my database.

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