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Feb 19

Multiple Lightboxes Menu Bug

Hi, I'm trying to create a website with multi language selection, my current solution for this is to duplicate all the pages, and then create 2 different master header to show corresponding to the language of the page. Each header has a hamburger menu button to display a vertical menu (lightboxes) corresponding to the language, and here comes the problem. The hamburger button always show the second menu even if I link it to the first menu. When I try to delete the second menu, the button just stopped working even when it is still currently linking to the first menu, until I delete the button and re-create another one for it to work.

When I setup my button, I link it to first lightbox menu.

But when I click the button, it shows the second lightbox instead.

Can anyone help me with this? Am I doing it right? Thank you

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Hi, I am Sebi from the Editor X Team. Thanks for sharing your issue. Is this still happening? Please select "Report a bug" under Help in the Topbar to report this issue.

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