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Jan 20

My Editor X is not loading, does anyone else has this problem?

Since today Editor X is not loading. The Dashboard and Content Manager are loading fine, so at least I can edit the data in my database. However the editor itself keeps on loading for ever. I have tried ignotito tab, other browser, deleting cookies etc. but nothing works. Does or did any one else has or had this issue? What to do?

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Hi Jeroen,

My name is Karina and I work for EditorX Product team. I'm so sorry to hear that. Are you still experiencing these issue? I didn't to manage to find your site. Can you share a link or email? Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience

Jan 22

Hi Karina, Thanks for your reply. I also contacted yesterday Wix Customar Care, who replied very promptly. Before that I was able to fix the issue. Deleting browser data did not work. I am using Editor X on Chrome on a Windows computer. I looked up the hidden 'Appdata' folder in the Users folder. In this folder under Local>Google>Chrome>Defualt>IndexedDB I found the folder https_manage.editorx.com_0.indexeddb.leveldb. After deleting this folder the editor reloaded again as before.

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