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Feb 24

No custom login on editor X?

I've managed to create & design my own sign up lightbox and set it as the default option, but I don't see an option to the customize the login (sign in) on editor X, even though it seems like there is a way to do that on the regular editor:

It is very problematic, because even after I created my own login lightbox and used it across the site (instead of the default one), there are some cases when the default one pops up automatically. for example:

if a user uses password recovery by email or a new member needs to confirm his email, after this processes the default login lightbox pops up automatically (which is a problem, because it is not consistent with the website's design and the custom sign up & login form design that I use in any other case).

To sum it up, how can I customize the default log in lightbox on editor X to match the design of my site and sign up page ?

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