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Feb 24

No ruler on editor X?

I've noticed that centering/locating elements in relation to other elements is a frustrating and unintuitive on editor X (compared to the wix editor). I don't get the "center red line" if I'm dragging multiple elements at once, only when I'm dragging a single element. and on top of that there is no ruler ?

it's wayyyy easier to align/drag place elements on the regular editor.

If there is no ruler, iId love to hear some tips on how to locate/drag/align elements quickly on editor X, because simple tasks like aligning similar looking inputs & checkboxes is actually difficult and takes time.

Is grid the only option ? I really find it unnecessary in case of form inputs, considering how easy it is to do on the regular editor.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Hi @georgie,

editor X uses a different positioning system due to its responsive nature.

Use the inspector panel to control the exact position of your elements.

By using one of those tools:

  1. Alignment - to align an object to its father or align several objects with each other.

  2. Position - You can manually set the docking in pixels or percentage. |

You Can learn more about the inspector panel here

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