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Apr 26, 2020
Edited: Apr 26, 2020

No vertical scroll


I've been testing the new editor x the past few weeks. I was wondering if I can create static full-screen page which doesn't have any vertical scroll, adapting to different screen resolutions.

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Apr 26, 2020

Hi @Aman Modi !

I am Sebi from the Editor X team!

You can definitely create a fullscreen page when you set the height of the section(s) on your page make sure they add up to 100vh total.

Vh is short for viewport height. 1vh equals 1% of the viewport’s height. Setting the height of an element to 100vh ensures it always takes up the full height of the viewport.

You can read more about the sizing units here:

Pro tip: Use Text Scale to have your page text size scale with the rest of the page.

We hope this was helpful!

All the best,

Editor X Team

Apr 27, 2020

Thanks, it worked. Also found this to be helpful -

I found editor x sites surely have better loading times than regular Wix sites. Though it's still on the slower side, I hope this will be addressed.

Would really like an actual custom preloader feature inside the editor itself (doesn't involve writing manual code with corvid)

Also waiting for other features such as hover boxes, strips, slideshow, etc.



Apr 27, 2020Edited: Apr 27, 2020

@Sebi Vidret I have a team working on front end designs on XD and Photoshop. So what should be the size for a full-screen asset - (eg. 1920 X 1080, 1366 X 768, etc)

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