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Jun 8
Edited: Jun 8

Not Able To Launch Editor X

Is anyone else having trouble launching Editor X to make changes to their website?

Jun 8

Yes, I've been struggling with this for several weeks now. I have turned it in to the Beta team and sent them a screencast video illustrating that the site doesn't load in EditorX. They tell me they are working on it. If you refresh the page several times sometimes it loads and then sometimes I have to completely shut down then bring everything up again and sometimes that works...Hope this helps!

Jun 8

Thanks Jan! Yes, it did help. I was able to get Editor X to come. :-)

Cannot access Editor X either. It seems to be down. Any advice?

Just got in with Safari – no go with Chrome or Firefox

Jun 9

Hi Andi! I was actually able to launch Editor X in Chrome and Firefox late Monday afternoon EST. Glad to hear it finally worked for you in Safari!

Jun 9

Just don't think that if you get in 1 time without issue you will be able to do that the next time...still not working for me...been dealing with this for weeks now...

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