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Mar 30

Notification from Community X

I get email notifications to my email, when I click check it out on my iPad it seems to open the app instead of the web page. is anyone else getting this?

it's becoming really annoying.


Hey @Jeffrey Gillespie - are you getting redirected to Editor X's main page ( when you click on the email link "check it out"? Is it happening on our iPad only?

Can you try on your phone or desktop/laptop if you can and let me know if the same happens?

Mar 30Edited: Mar 30

It’s only happening on iOS devices so far, it’s not opening editor x at all it only opens the spaces app

This happens on my Samsung phone too. However there is a solution for Android. You gotta uninstall the Spaces by Wix app and then reinstall it. And the next time you click on the Check it Out button, it asks you whether you want to open the link in the Wix app or in the Chrome browser. I am not sure about Apple devices but uninstalling and reinstalling the app is worth giving a try.

Just tested it - push down on button then option came up

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