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Jul 18

Number of breakpoints impacts performance

I build a (not to complex website) for which I added additional breakpoints, for once page one additional breakpoints. For the homepage I added 3 breakpoints, so in total 5. I had also two master sections created on this page which used on every other page (new banner and EU cookie alert), as a result every page had these 5 breakpoints applied.

What I found is that this not only caused Editor X to become slow and sluggish, it also impacted the load time of the actual website.

I removed all the additional breakpoints, expect for the standard breakpoints on 1000px and 750px. Both the editor as the website became significantly faster.

Jul 18

I think that’s true for any platform although maybe not so pronounced. The fewer breakpoints the quicker it loads. Somebody explained why to me once but I can’t remember what they said now. I think it’s something to do with the all the site files being loaded for each breakpoint....

Hi @jeroen

We apologize for the experience you had. Just like when you are accessing a website, the more content you add, the more calculations your computer may have to perform.

Can you please share your website url or editor with us? We will love to look into it to better understand the issue and see how we can improve it in the future.

Thanks for your cooperation :)

Jul 20


Thanks for you response. It's clear that too many pictures, animations, fonts etc. has a performance impact. However as the Editor X training material does not take into consideration that adding breakpoints is a trade-off with loading time, this was less obvious for me.

My site is

Hi thanks for the response!

Of course we understand that if things were not clear, note that I was only referring to the builder performance, not live site.

Additionally, the site doesn't seem to have the breakpoints anymore. We can only investigate the issue when it is happening.