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Aug 18

Oh so many issues.

Hi again,

I'm writing here to provide general feedback on my experience thusfar:

The Bad

  1. If I'm logged in for too long, the system stops working and I have to close the browser and re-enter the site. Sometimes this means that I may lose 5-20 minutes of work.

  2. When editing text that is aligned to the right side of the browser, the edit function is not suitable. If I use the laptop breakpoint, then the editing items go off the screen and it's not easy to do things like changing the colour of the text without resizing the browser a few times. This could be fixed by perhaps making it so that the pop-out with features expands to the left (on the screen) when text is on the right of the screen.

  3. Video music/sound button is not easily visible when videos are uploaded.

  4. I can't share a preview of a site that is in-progress without granting permission to change things. It would be great if I could send out a link just to get feedback. In fact, I wouldn't mind doing so here, but I don't want to publish fully before I'm ready.

The Good

  1. It's easy to use.

  2. I can add lots of custom interactions easily.

That's it from me for now.

Kind regards,


Aug 21

I've been in contact with the support team about my issues and my website has bugs. The dev team is sorting it out. FYI: The glithch/bug I have is that the different breakpoints aren't working and the grid isn't working. I hope they sort it out soon.

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