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Apr 23

Parallax scroll ??

Hi guys !

Maybe someone already asked this, but can I use parallax scroll on Editor X? I don’t see it and there’s an effect I really want to create.

Thnks in advance !!



I’m Sebi from the Editor X team. Yes, totally. You can add parallax and reveal scroll effects to images on Editor X.

Here’s where to find it:

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

How about parallax for a video? The scroll behavior doesn't show for videos. Please help me! To clarify what I'm saying, if you try that same thing on a video VS a photo, there is no option to adjust the scroll behavior. Thank you

@Hugs Etienne Hi Hugs Etienne,

I'm Galiet from the Editor X team. Currently we don't offer parallax for videos, but I will pass your request on to the rest of the team. Stay tuned for updates!


I would like to know how to make a section parallax behavior, is it with ancors?


How about the other scroll effects such as ''zoom-in'' and ''fade-in''?


+ 1 for default 'parallax' feature for video +1000 for being able customise scroll effects (e.g. 'x' or 'y' Move/Position/Size properties) e.g. think 'Principal for Mac' or 'Webflow'

Thanks for sharing your input!

What are you looking to achieve with more parallax controls? Is there a specific site or design experience that is the inspiration behind this request?

The more info we get the better we can make this product!

May 24

@Sebi Vidret, Product Manager Yes please. The ability to create precise scroll based parallax animations provide really awesome experiences. To be quite open, the design experience of the Webflow platform has nailed everything in terms of the ability to create custom animations (changing properties like opacity, position, size, button and text colours, easing of animation, and so on simultaneously) and I really hope that the Wix team will be able to implement this soon.

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