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May 02, 2020

Please turn this Editor X site into a template

Firstly, whoever from the Editor X team created this site > is simply amazing. It's a great example of what can be done on Editor X. I am interested to see how this was executed, is there any way you guys can turn this into a templated version so we can access it in the editor? Much appreciated, thanks.

May 02, 2020

Hey @Robert Hamilton Rich Palmer here. Totally agree. This is a great template. I've been deconstructing parts of it myself to try and reproduce during my testing. I like the way it flows. It's gives you a good feel for the power EditorX has, and really gets my creative juices flowing with possibilities.

May 02, 2020

Yeah! Definitely mate. It’s great 😊


Thanks for sharing the feedback @Robert Hamilton and @Rich Palmer !

We are working on some very exciting Impressions (templates) created by our very talented design studio. They should be available very soon!

We will also continue to expand our designed sections offering as well.

If you have any other sites or designs that interest you, please feel free to share here.



I want to share another site for the Editor X Team. I was fascinated by it.

@Sebi, the 'above-the-fold' section goes down automatically and give way to the upper section. also please scroll down till the end to chk a section getting still and expanding/contracting with mouse scrolling.

Really cool site @thegoodpeopleinnovations! We are working on some new and exciting scroll effects and interactions. Stay tuned!

May 04, 2020

Is that site done with Wix @thegoodpeopleinnovations ??

The effects are really incredible and the website is really fast. Will be amazing to copy some of those effects indeed and learn from it.

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