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Jun 6

.png images with transparent background

sudddenly all .png and .gif images with transparent bckgrnd are being added with white background. Previously placed png images with trnsprnt bckgrnd are okay. Team editorx, please look into the matter.



I am Sebi from the Editor X Product Team. Thank you for sharing your experience.

We found that there is an issue and we are investigating with our developers.

In some cases, re-uploading the image may fix the issue.

When we find a resolution we will update you on here.


Hi Sebi,

I am having the same problem. And I cannot design such elements anymore, encountering a message stating "this preset already comes with its own design". Please help to solve the problem asap. Thank you!

Jun 12

Same here. Editing the image allows me to make it transparent, however it saves with a white background.


I have found one way to overcome this problem. If you have any images (png) with a transparent background already present on your site before this problem occurred, simply copy that previous png and paste somewhere that you want. Then change it with your target png (with a transparent background). That worked for me.

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