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Aug 23, 2020

Pro Gallery design element

I want to achieve the Dot-Scrolling effect (as shown in 'A') instead of the thumbnail images ( as in fig. 'B'). Any help will be highly appreciated. (BTW, I am not a web designer and know nothing about coding)

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I am Meytal! Nice to meet you :)

Great question! Currently, it isn't possible to add product thumbnails to the product page at the moment. We are working on adding more layout options to the product page and will share this with the team.

Note it is possible to create this custom layout using Corvid and Data.


Hi Meytal

Thanks for the reply.

But I wanted just the reverse of what you have replied.

That is, I wanted to put dot navigation instead of thumbnail in my custom dynamic page. Since this is available in the default product page design, I thought it was achievable in my custom dynamic page also.

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