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May 2, 2020

Problem transfer domain

Hi everyone, I need some help about the transfer of domain.

i have a domain in Wix and I would like transfer this one on editor x to modificate him on it .

and I can't connect it everyone have any ideas about what happen ? thank you !

May 2, 2020

Where do you want to transfer your domain to?

If you bought domain in wix you just have to unlink it from your old site then link it to your new one

May 2, 2020

@seliim.r As Jeffrey Gillespie said, you can just move your current WIX domain to your new EditorX site. However if you're looking to migrate your original WIX Editor site to the new EditorX platform. That is currently not available.

May 4, 2020

Hi everyone thank you so much for the delay ! okay I have wix domain and I would like transfer him in Wix editor X it is possible ?

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