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Jul 06, 2020

Problem when resolving the promise of enabling/disabling an element

Hi, I had some difficulty figuring out why my code was crashing this morning. I fixed it by removing a promise I had implemented, of disabling a button. Somehow this disable promise never resolved. I wonder if this is a problem with editor x?

This doesn't seem to happen in the old editor.

It's not really essential for my code, but I'm just wondering why I've been puzzled by this.

Jul 09, 2020

Hi. Just checked disabling a button on my site - it seems to be working.

Can you please create a test page on your site where I can see the issue and send me a link to it?

Regards, Alex

Jul 09, 2020

Hi Alex, I just tried disabling a button on a simpler test website and it did work, not sure what happened before, but if I find out I'll leave another reply

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