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Jul 4

Problems with Lightbox

Anyone else having issues with Lightboxes on their website? I want an automatically triggering Lightbox after 20 seconds, but the Lightbox isn't appearing. In the Lightbox settings, it's set to display automatically, on any of the pages, with a 20 second delay.

I am having issues with lightboxes as well. As soon as i try to resize or move the lightbox, it disappears from the editor window making it impossible to edit and change settings. Not sure if this is a bug.

Jul 15

I resolved my first issue using the light box, however I've come across another issue now that I have several built.

I'm using a lightbox for the main navigation. It works well until you open it on mobile and I cannot scroll down on the lightbox to see the rest of the menu options (the bg behind the lightbox seems to scroll instead).

The same issue occurs here

I am using light boxes to show team bios. But as soon as the screen size becomes too small, I cannot scroll down to see the rest of the content.

Please take a look. I would appreciate any fixes or work-arounds.