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May 27

Product page design on all breakpoints

The product page seems to be unresponsive on all custom breakpoints. Like, I need images to look smaller, the navigation, the product name, description, info & everything to come above-the-fold on laptop (1366px) view on the product page but it seems not possible on editorx. On laptop, product page design is getting messy. Any work around?


Hi @thegoodpeopleinnovations,

I'm Galiet from the Editor X Team.

Thank you for sharing your experience with our team, we apologize for the difficulties you are experiencing with the product page.

It is very likely that the issues were caused by a bug.

In order for us to properly investigate we will need to have your website address.

If you don't feel comfortable with sharing it here, then please send it via the "Help & Feedback" bug form in the top bar of the Editor.

Once we have more information we should be able to investigate.


Editor X Team

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