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Mar 15

Publish to test area

Is there a way to publish the site to a test area that is not the preview?

Whilst the preview is great for checking things during development, before a full deploy I would like to see the site live in a full browser or on my mobile device.

I have noticed that there can be differences in the preview version and the published version, so this sort of staging seems essential. I read about sandboxed collections but this doesn't seem like it is what I'm looking for.

One case of a discrepancy between preview and published is if any element references the vh for its sizing. In the preview pane, the vh is not the full height the actual browser vh so there can be differences. And the vh issue aside, I don't feel comfortable moving from preview to full published without first doing a final check. At the moment, my site is not "live" (i.e. no traffic) so I can publish to my heart's content to check it...but I will be making it live today/tomorrow and will lose that luxury. TIA

Mar 17

I can't see release candidate in my Site menu. I have already published previously so don't know why it's not there

Mar 17

@RO Strange. Try searching for it on the dashboard

Mar 17


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Mar 15Edited: Mar 15

Hi there!

There is a way to preview your site in a full browser or your mobile device before publishing it.

However, it is to be noted that this Preview mode is different than the Preview inside the editor. This Preview mode works only if you have NOT published your site yet. This Preview mode opens your site in a different browser tab which looks exactly the same as your published site would look like.

To access this Preview mode, follow these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Hover on the Site that you want to preview. (Fig. 1)

  3. Click on Site Actions v dropdown on the top right corner of the card. (Fig. 2)

  4. Click on 👁️ Preview Site. (Fig. 3)

This should open your site in a new browser tab where you can preview your website exactly as it will appear once you publish your site. If you want to preview your site on your mobile phone or any other device, you can copy the link from the browser's URL tab and open it on the other device.

Again, just to remind you, this works only when you haven’t published your site.

Hope this helps! (:

Fig. 1

Fig. 2

Fig. 3

Mar 18

You're right, it's gone for me too.

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