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Jul 7

Published version resizes differently than in editor

I'm hoping someone can help me out with this, I tried to search the forum but couldn't find any help so sorry if this has been addressed before.

I'm working on the responsiveness for my website by using the default breakpoints in the editor, when I'm in the editor all looks good and even when I resize the workspace it seems to resize seamlessly. However, on the published version of my site things don't resize as smoothly, it's almost like when I resize my browser everything gets messed up as it's jumping between the breakpoint sizes (elements overlap, etc.)

Here's our URL if needed

Thanks in advance!


I face the same problem. It also looks different on different screens. :-(

Jul 8

What I found it is important there are no hidden objects outside the screen area, which may impact how the page renders on for example an ipad. Furthermore you need to be very consistent in use of margins (%, px, wh, vw etc.) across every breakpoints. Sometimes elements mesh up again unintentionally when you are designing a different object. I sometimes duplicate a page to try out a design to avoid this.

Would be great if you could lock elements when design is done to save guard work done. Also I have not found a way yet how you can copy a designed element from one page to another, once done with this on the duplicate page.


I've had issues with this as well. However trying to keep the (%, px, wh, vw, etc.) stable has even been a problem. I make the changes, then after I preview it, they change back to their default settings. That's to say, if I set a everything to (%) that setting will return to (px) if that was it's default. Also having the defaults set differently, as some default to (%) and others default to (px) makes no sense from a designers point of view.

Lastly the "Auto Docking" Must be able to be turned off. This feature has given me so much grief I've stopped testing EditorX till it is resolved. Personally I feel the "Auto Dock" is the reason for some of the issues on different devices.

Jul 8

The margins are indeed not always stable. I found that sometimes this also due to a conflicting setting on a parent object. After some fiddling I do get it working. I started to save an element to 'My Designs' to keep a stable back-up.


What kind of a solution can WIX offer. It is really not amusing to get a messed up layout on different devices.

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