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Jun 10, 2020

Regarding dynamic pages in Wix EditorX

Whenever I create a dynamic page [say - Blog] in Wix EditorX, 2 pages are created - Blog (title) and Blog (All). So I'm bit confused about the difference between the 2 and their use cases. Also, are they interdependent? As in will deleting one page impact the other? If someone could help me with that or redirect me to related support document, that'd be really


Jun 10, 2020

The All dynamic page is created to display all the row data present in the data base.

When you click on the one item in from the All page, it takes you to the Title page where you can display the detail information about that row.

Jun 11, 2020

Both dynamic pages are totally indepenent. The main difference is the All page is dedicated for displaying many items (ex. a list of books). The Title dynamic page is for specific item (like specific book).

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