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Nov 20

Reusable components?


I wanted to know if I can create components that can be reused and once changes are applied they will change throughout the whole design? Such as buttons, icons, etc? Basically the same as Master but individual elements and not sections?

Thanks a bunch! I love the editor and wait forward for more content regarding portfolios:)




Currently, we don't have the ability to create reusable components on Editor X We plan on having the this feature in the future. We will update on the forum (and all the other places when it's ready).

If you have any productivity features that you would like to request, then please share with us :)

Hey Sebi, thanks for your reply. I´m writing back and forth with the support team:) You guys are doing a great job.

Hey Sebi, there is actually something I would like to ask that really concerns me and is related to productivity. I must state that I am primarily speaking from a designer point of view and might not be considering the code behind the editor BUT:

I found myself not satisfied with the peddings that I defined for all my sections (I did it through grid, not pedding actually). Now I want to change the padding on both sides throughout the whole page, my designer mind is telling me something like "select all sections and edit the pedding" or "make change to one section, search for -copy-design-from-other section- and go section by section"..but I don´t seem to find a way to do it fast. I would have just changed the pedding of the whole page, but I have sections that are 100% in the width. Any suggestions?

Thanks a bunch!!

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