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Jul 7, 2020

Sections overlapping?


I started building a webpage for a client on normal editor, but currently I'm trying to build it on Editor X, main reason - because of the responsiveness. So I have some questions regarding the problems in the new editor that I approached.

For some unknown reason, the sections (you can clearly see the boundaries of each section on my landing page while you scroll as they are in different colours with different images), are overlapping, which is causing me inconveniences, for sure. I'm sharing the link as well the screenshot of my page in editor in case it helps to find the problem.

Also, I have some other smaller questions.

  • is there a parallax effect option that can be applied to images or section?

  • is hover box option existing right now as well? it would be handy to have something like that for the overall dynamism of a page

  • I am working with text styles. Are they applicable only for one breakpoint? Meaning I should arrange the rest of the type sizes manually on tablet and mobile?

And the last thing for now, I am experiencing a lot of troubles with grids. I find the grid system that can be applied to section really nice, but images are acting weird, e.g. when I try to expand the image throughout the whole column, it expands beyond the boundaries of the section? Any ideas on what could I be doing wrong, or is this just a bug? And also images and other elements are not always snapping nicely to the guides of the grid...

Thank you, I really hope I will figure these things out and build an entire page on editor x.


Best Answer
Jul 7, 2020

For the image overlap, can you inspect the docking for your image? Is there any negative values?

It could alos be possible due to your section having a fixed px height and your other element may be doing beyond that value.

The best way to work with Grid is to use the Grid Area in inspect window. Make sure your element has the right column start/end row start/end. Once you have it in the right grid , then expand it and will fit within the expected grid.

Jul 7, 2020

Hi, thank you!

It was the docking problem indeed. Now it works nicely!

Jul 8, 2020

Thanks. By the way site looks really nice, especially the fonts.

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