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Oct 16, 2020

Shadows in Repeater

Hi there,

I have created a repeater with information about each of our products. My goal is to create almost like a floating effect for each of the elements. I tried to achieve that using the shadow, but it seems like the shade get's cut of at the bottom and top due to the size of the repeater.

I can't find any way to increase the size of the repeater without increasing the size of each element. Is there anyone who has experience with this and might know a solution?

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend 😊

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Oct 17, 2020Edited: Oct 17, 2020

The shadow is cut because of the section below.

There are 3 options to solve this:

1. Add padding to the repeater.

2. Remove the background color of the section below the repeater section.

3. Move the repeater section to be higher than the section below it - select the section > Arrange > Move Forward (I would avoid this because it hurts accessibility).

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