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Aug 31, 2020

Show On All Pages

I cannot figure out how to show an element on all pages through Editor X. I have "pinned" or anchored my menu icon so it's always showing even when scrolling and I want it to be docked the same on each page without having to configure it to be the same on each one. In the original editor it allows you to hit the "show on all pages" button to then automatically have it shown on each page. How do I do this on Editor X or is there a work around?

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Aug 31, 2020

Hi, Thanks for asking.

Currently it is not possible to show the same element on each page, but there are a few options listed below.

  1. You can use master sections to save and reuse entire sections. You can make a section a master by right-click, more info:

  2. You can copy and paste elements between pages.

We are investigating other solutions to improve the experience of reusing the same component across multiple pages.

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