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Oct 15, 2020
Edited: Oct 15, 2020

Side button behavior

Is there a way to control when and were the side button appears in mobile mode?

I placed it under 'Fixed' , but I want it to disappear when:

  1. User stop scrolling.

  2. The side button shall appear from section <x> .


Oct 15, 2020Edited: Oct 15, 2020

To show a button from a specific location you can use Corvid api - onViewportEnter / Leave.

Select the element or section from which you want to show the button> Copy its ID to the function.

Select the button you want to show and copy its ID.

// >> Something like this:

// To show button
$w("#trigger_element_id").onViewportEnter( (event) => {

// To hide button
$w("#trigger_element_id").onViewportLeave( (event) => {

Don't forget to set the button as hide on load

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