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Mar 6

Single Image click to enlarge (pop up)

Not sure if I am missing something but there doesn't seem to be an option to enable a single image to be clicked and opened up into full screen or a pop up, whatever you wish to call it.

I can see you can set up a multitude of other options like links to pages and such when the single image is clicked but not a simple pop up/enlarge/full screen view.

I tried a workaround by using a pro gallery image set with just one image but the pro gallery option behaves differently to a single image when it comes to the way it sits on your page and adapts to different viewports. I played around with this all morning and I just wasn't happy with it.

I was just under the impression that a single image pop up would be straightforward to set up and a much used feature on single images. Confused as pretty much every other option is available to set up when a single image is clicked.

Any advice would be appreciated. Cheers

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Mar 8Edited: Mar 8


I'm Liron from the Editor X product team.

Lightbox popups are a great tool when you need an expanded image.

By linking the Lightbox to the original image, and customizing it so it won't automatically appear, you will get a similar experience as the Pro-Gallery expand mode.

To add a Lightbox:

  1. Click the Add icon at the top left of the Editor.

  2. Click Layout Tools.

  3. Click Lightboxes.

  4. Select the lightbox you need and edit it with your expanded image.

  5. Click Set Triggers and under Automatically display lightbox on pages click No.

Then use the Link panel to link the image to the relevant lightbox.

As a result, when your visitors click the image, the lightbox appears.

Thanks for reaching out.


Mar 17

Thanks for the help

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