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Mar 13

Site resizing issue on wide devices/zoomed out browsers. Elements spread far apart from each other.

This is my first attempt with Editor X and I am struggling to resize for larger displays (over 1550px) such as my iMac. The elements end up spreading far apart on the screen and I cant seem to figure out a maximum margin without making another break point. When I make a new breakpoint for larger desktops it doesn't let me hide any of the elements without hiding it on the main desktop/laptop breakpoint. Thanks in advance.

Here is the site:

How it looks on laptop:

Wide Display iMac:

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Mar 13

You will need to choose carefully docking for every element and if you use of pixels, view width, percentage. Also consider using a grid, you can use min-max width for columns. You can max columns to an absolute number of pixels. Another alternative is use padding for the section.

In short, go experimenting to learn how the editor responds. Editor X is powerful but not necessarily easy

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