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Nov 3, 2020

Slow load speed

Hello, I just finished my website and found out that is is extremely slow. I have experience with Wix so thats why i choose EditorX, but if it is really that slow I am immediately canceling my subscription. Do you guys have the same problem? Could someone please look at my website and tell me if I did something wrong or if the EditorX is just an expensive piece of nonsense? :)

Website URL: Thanks and have a great day!

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Nov 3, 2020

I've just started learning how to use EditorX. It's kind of subjective, but yes your site (which looks really good by the way) does seem a little slow, but after a short pause (a few seconds?) pages load.

The thing that seems to be particularly slow is the video on the homepage:

Nov 3, 2020

Video is 6Mb. I will try to compress it but I doubt that it will boost whole site speed...

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