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May 04, 2020

Struggel to "resize" boxes/sections manually

I got some issues to resize boxes/sections/items in all breakpoints. For example: I have a repeater. An item. In that item a picture and a button. Now i want to modify the sizes. Bigger or smaler. All the time the boxes "jumps" back to their original size and sometimes the buttons are docking at the borders by himself. Even i use "edit grid". Sometimes i have the same problem when i want to modify the sizes of a single section. I dont know if i need to change some settings or there is a little bug somewhere. Unfortunately there is not that much tutorial yet on youtube :D thx for help. Martin


Hey @Martin D.,

Is it happening only with repeaters? Can you maybe share your site with instructions of where it happens so I could take a look?

May 13, 2020

Same problem here all the time. It is super frustrating becuase I can't just freely resize a lot of things. I Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes if I restart the editor it is fixed and other times I have to start over. It happens with containers for me. I use them more than layouters. Also the grisds sometimes let me shrink them.... But they don't actually do anything or change any size on the page. A lot of times I just have an excess space that I can't find out why it won't go away. Seems like things crash together with sizing.

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