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Jan 25

Struggling with responsive title.

I have a title, paragraph text and signature on the centre of my homepage which looks relatively consistent on all 3 viewports. It's the areas between the viewports in which everything goes a bit crazy and falls out of structure and I'm struggling to see what the issue is?

Is there a better way to insure these 3 elements are as consistent as possible across all devices?

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! thanks!

Jan 25

You can use a grid to separate object. Use maxcontent for row height and dock objects to botttom and set margins as desired. Another approach is to stack the elements.

thanks so much for the reply Jeroen! I just looked at the row width and set them all to 100% and it seems to have fixed my issue! it's definitely made it better and smoother so thanks for that!

Jan 25

That's good. You need to check each width, margin docking etc. to control behaviour.

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