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Jun 26, 2020


Hey Wixers...

First, thank you to everyone at Wix for EditorX, and for the great customer support for the last 14 years!!

Q1- Why is the "Ask a Question" method of posting character limited?

Q2- How do I become one of the "selected-people so I can post my wishes in the Wish List category?

Q3- How do I gain access to my previously uploaded media via EditorX? I have 30 live sites developed under the original editor with gigs of content that I have previously uploaded. For some cruel reason, if you choose to use EditorX you no longer have access to that content. Or at least that's what I am experiencing.

Thank you, hi to all, and I'm glad to be here!


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Jun 27, 2020

Hi Myerz

I had the same issue and the only way I found I could access across both editors is to create boards and then put the images in there.

Open your media in normal editor. Go to My Boards and create a new board. At the bottom you'll see a slider for 'make visible to all my sites'. Activate that and then your boards will be visible in Editor X too. It does mean you'll need to add all your media to boards though which is a bit of a phaff....I couldn't find any other way of doing it though. Maybe someone else knows!

Hope that helps


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