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Oct 27, 2020
Edited: Oct 27, 2020

The cascading principle & responsive design

Hi everybody. One thing is really baffling me. I understand that there is a general consensus that it's best to approach responsive design by building your mobile site first, and then adding features and adjusting your design as your viewport width increases.

I'm not sure that Editor X is conducive to this preferred bottom-up approach though - due to the cascading principle. Surely, if you begin by designing the mobile version of your would-be website first, as you progress and your viewport width increases, any changes that you make will ruin all of your hard work unless you constantly go back and forth to ensure the changes that flow downwards are overridden?

This is why I intuitively started designing my website with a top-down approach at a large viewport width. But, perhaps predictably, I am now running into responsive design problems - which is furthered hindered by the fact that Editor X does not permit an unlimited number of breakpoints to ensure the design does not break down.

Any thoughts, advice or suggestions regarding this please? Surely the gurus at Editor X were aware of the preference to build up from a small viewport width when they designed their website builder? It seems to me that you would better facilitate responsive design by having changes cascade upwards rather than downwards? Please correct me if I am overlooking something here!


Hey Andrew, can you specify what responsive design problems you ran into when working on lower breakpoints?

I had never thought (or heard) before about that (cascading up); might be interesting (if it were possible)

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