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Jan 22

The header of my Editor X website and scroll of hamburger menu.

Greetings. First I want to thank Wix for your great work for Editor X.

Having adopted the Editor X platform in its early days, I started building some of my websites. Knowing that the platform is updating, I noticed that some new features are not being applied to a website I started with.

Two issues I'm facing and I need help :

1. The scroll effect of the header. When I select Sticky or Fixed, no change appears on the header and the choice remains on None. I tried to change the header but the problem was not being resolved.

2. Also the hamburger menu is not scrolling on PC or on mobile phone, even though I have checked the checkbox to enable the scrollbar. (when having many pages with need to scroll.)

Thank you in advance.

IKAH Design designer.

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Regarding point 1, is your header set as a master?

I had an issue where my header didn't have transitions when i set the scroll effect to fixed. It turned out that I had setup a container/section rather than a header. When i set it to a master header then the other options appeared (and worked) when it was set to fixed scroll effect.

Thank you so much. I'm going to follow your advice.

Jan 22

About the hamburger menu:

Try to add container inside and set the height to 100%. Then make sure the scroll is set to scroll horizontal.

Put the menu inside this container.

Thank you so much for your answer.

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