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Sep 08, 2020

Thumbnails on product page

Hi, on the product page I would like thumbnail of other views of the product below the main product image. is this currently possible? at the moment there are just dots, but i would prefer thumbnail images. Thanks.

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I'm Miri from the EditorX product team.

At the moment the layout with the thumbnails is not planned to be supported in the near future.


Hi @trs27,

Thank you for your feedback. We currently don't offer this feature in our product page, but you could try to create it with code.

I will pass your feedback about the thumbnails on to the rest of the Editor X team, and if you have any other requests please let us know!

Apr 06

@Galiet Any update on this? Having thumbnails on product pages seems like it should be there from the start, not an add-on.

Nov 12, 2020

Wow.. I have it with the standard editor and I upgraded to Editor X in order to have better features (actually Premium store shop is more expensive). Beside the breakpoints, Editor X lacks of a lot of good features (example: video background parallax effect)

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