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Feb 21

Toggle between sections / elements?

Is it possible to scroll down so that each section appears in its full? (example: If not with sections, is there a way to do it with containers or other elements?

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Feb 21Edited: Feb 21

Hey @shirilipinsky,

You can get this effect by using the layouter tool.

  1. Place a layouter & changed its layout to a slider.

  2. Set the slider direction to vertical.

  3. Turn on scroll snap & set align snap to the end.

  4. Set all items hight to 100vh.

  5. Use etch item for different sections

That's awesome! Thank you so much

Hi @Klara Kompel.

I tried using your method but it turns out that the scroll snap feature only works when the Slider Direction is set to Horizontal. Can you let me know how to make scroll snap work in the vertical direction? Thanks!

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