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Nov 25, 2020
Edited: Nov 25, 2020

Trigger Slider layouter with anchor

Hey I'm Christopher,

At first, thanks for all this soft and the tutorial on the web Im now a big fan of Zipeng Zhu.

I actually want to trigger the slider (verticaly or horizontaly) with an anchor point.

This doesn't work and anchor the entire box. 1. Do you have some triicks to make it work?

2. Also I have to do this cause in desktop, the slide bar is hideous, can we change that?

Kind regards from France,


Nov 26, 2020Edited: Nov 26, 2020

There is some hack that might help you. You can use the wixTimeline API to move the images.

See the video.

* You can use container instead of section. Live example

Thanks you! There is no editorX option so...

I think it can work in horizontal mode. have a nice day

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