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Oct 01, 2020

Triggered E-mails not working from backend

Hi, I noticed that my site is not sending out triggered e-mails through backend code at the moment. It was working fine before, but it stopped without changing those javascript functions. I tried testing it with the console, and I get an error each time I try send out a triggered e-mail from the backend, whereas it does work from the user side code.

Hope someone can look into this.

In the past months I have successfully set up a site in Editor x which has a more complex layout, frontend and backend code. Reading some of the other topics, saying that it's too buggy, I don't completely agree. However it should be marketed in a different way, to make it clear that it's a completely different type of product from the 'classic' editor. Even the word 'classic' suggests that Editor X is the 'next version that you should upgrade to'.

I feel it should be much clearer that Editor X is for a different type of user, who wants more advanced layout options and settings. My suggestion is to put it on a completely different website with a different domain name.


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