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May 4

Troubles to manage content for all my data sets

I have troubles to manage the contents in all of my datasets. I can create them but for example to manage them it's not possible. The window to the manager is opening after clicking, but nothing is showing. Just a white screen. Might be a bug?! Anyone else or can help?


Same problem here. When you want to open a collection there is a white screen and the database doesn't show up.

We can't even see the dataset element in the editor to manage the settings ...

Well looks like a little bug. Hope that will be fixed soon. I have plenty of datas to manage. lol

Hey Miri, yes still the same problem here.



We are still checking the issue, can you please try to open the dashboard in a different tab --> Settings --> Dashboard, and try to open the dataset from there? Is it blank there as well?



Thanks for your answer.

Exactly the same database troubles showed on

video but for us we can't even see the dataset element in the editor.


i tried as u said. So i can open the datasets and they are still emptyor have a white page. But not all. It shows me one of my dataset like normal with all the content.