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Apr 27, 2020

Video from database set to fill container (banner background video)

Hi Team X,

I'm a recent addition to Beta Access for Editor X, and, whilst I haven't felt as comfortable jumping ship from Wix Editor to Editor X as I (admittedly optimistically) thought... some of the design limitations I've experienced in the current Wix Editor are just eradicated... immediately. For example, a particular dynamic page I've been tiptoeing around to make look good in Wix Editor, I've been able to, in seconds, make exactly as it did it my head using Editor X. It's a stunner.

The first roadblock I've bumped into however, whilst building the same above page, is with getting a 'banner video' to work. It's a fairly common practice to set a section to have a video background. However, in this case, when the video is dynamically set to pull a source from a database collection, its sized the video down to force it into the height of my container, as opposed to cropping and filling as expected.

Am I going the wrong way about it? Or has anyone else tried to make a video banner and experienced this/found a workaround?

Link here to some screengrabs that I hope clarify what I mean:

1 shows what I've set up in X. A video set to stretch to the container and acting as expected.

2 show what then happens when it loads the video from the database, formatting it differently into the container.

3 shows the legacy set up for this in Wix Editor. A strip with the background set to pull from database

4 shows the desired effect for the dynamic page, as achieved in current Wix Editor.

Thanks all very much in advance for any help/advice/lamentation... all appreicated . Looking forward to browsing through peoples creations.

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Hi Elliot,

We appreciate your comments on Editor X and welcome you on this journey with us.

We looked into your site and your images and we able to identify why there are differences.

In the Classic Editor, the container holding the video is a Strip. The video was added as part of a strip background, so the video is stretched to fill the space.

In Editor X, you are using a VideoBox component. The VideoBox is set to always fit the video without changing it's aspect ratio. If the component has a different aspect ratio as the video file, then there may be blank space around to fill the container.

As an alternative we recommend that you use GIF files instead, our team is aware of the missing capability to add videos as a background and are working on some solutions.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding this.


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