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Mar 18
Edited: Mar 18

Website links opens to the middle of the next page

Hi everyone, I just designed a new Wix page in editor X. Having the issue that when we scroll down any where such as the middle of the page then click the menu link, the website opens to the middle of the next page then moves to the top. I would like the link to just open from the top of the page.

I find this applies to buttons too, if the button is further down, the website opens at the same position in the next page, then it moves up top.

Wondering if anyone having experience with Editor X here may know why or how to fix the problem.


It's in Japanese but if you move to the middle, bottom of any pages, then click the links in the sticky menu, the page will open right in the middle or bottom of the next page then moves up. Many thanks

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Hi Thank you for raising this we are aware of the issue and are working on a solution. We apologize for the experience and for the delay in our communication.

Currently, there is no work around for this. We will follow up on this thread when we have a solution.


Mar 18Edited: Mar 20


I have exactly the same problem. When I open a new link, I always see a picture more or less from the middle of this next page for a moment, and then the page jumps up.

I would like the every new page to be displayed at the very beginning, but unfortunately, many subpages on my site are displayed just like in the movie:

Mar 18Edited: Mar 20

But today my subpages load like in this movie, they scroll automatically from bottom to top, so it's even worse:

The problem appears on all browsers I have: Chrome, Edge, Firefox.


Hi Jacek, yeah my website does that too now. I've sent email to customer support, and one said they don't see my problem. The second person asked me if this happens on everypage. Told them to look at the website and see. No replies so far on why and any solutions.

I viewed one of their Editor X showcase website, apparently there's the same problem.

It seems this happens to any editor x website as I observe then. It must be something wrong with Editor X.

Hopefully they will get back or fix the problem soon

Mar 19Edited: Mar 19

Hi Yuu. Today I am asking some of my friends to visit my website and I will know if the problem is only visible to me or if others also see that problem. I think you can do the same and then we'll exchange information.


Hi Jacek, I got an answer from Wix support, very disappointed as they are aware and not doing anything about it and asked us to vote for page transition feature as the post you shared above.

I can't believe that this problem exists in the first place, my current client moved from the normal Wix editor to Editor X and being OCD, she can't get past this problem and threatening to cancel the contract if this doesn't get fixed.


So Yuu, the only way to solve this problem is to select the option to open a new page in a new window?


Yes, it's a completely dumb solution for bad UX, I can't believe they even suggested that. Why would you want to make your users open a new window (unless on purpose) when viewing internal links from menu?

As I said this problem shouldn't have existed in the first place. Links work completely fine in their old Editor but then this issue continues in Editor X which is supposed to be better. My client is really upset that she didn't even have this problem in the old editor and she has to pay more for the site plan for Editor X.

I'm so ready to leave Editor X for good and just stick with the best tool I've been using which is Webflow.

Mar 20Edited: Mar 23

So far, the only thing that comes to my mind is to redesign the page to "one page" simply with the option of long scrolling and, for example, with the use of anchors, sticky positions, pro galleries etc.

Or the second option: redesign the page into several pages but each newly opened page is 100% of the width and height of the screen.

If you are creating a page in a different way, you must be ready for the fact that each newly opened page will display some element of that page for a while which looks very bad, but scrolling from bottom to top looks super bad.

In my case, the momentary display of some element of the newly loaded page turned after some time into scrolling the page from bottom to top, which is shown in my first and second video. How it happened, I don't know.

I am not an webdesign expert so I don't know if this is a general problem in web design (but probably not) or this problem is revealed only in Editor X or the third option: I did something wrong.

I'd like to know that from the Editor X team.

Mar 25Edited: Mar 25

Sebi, Thank you for your message.

I believe that the elimination / fixing of this problem should be one of the "TOP 3 TO BE FIX THIS MONTH" for the Editor x team, as the occurrence of this problem greatly limits the possibilities of creating web pages.

I strongly believe that you will really address this problem and that your answers are not just simple PR.

Greetings to you and the Editor X team.

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