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Sep 30

Website Slow on All Page Transitions


My website is really slow between clicks. Sometimes up to 15 seconds before it changes pages. Doing an inspection in the developer tools it’s throwing a few errors and the bulk of time is centered around one function, but the Js file is compressed, of course, so the function names are just one letter and hard to trace.

Reading some of the other posts, potential culprits could be large images, and extra breakpoints. I reuse the same images througout the site, and thought they might be cached, so that’s one question.

Is there client caching and expiration dates on images so that the client uses the local copy without an additional fetch for each use?

Anything else that could be making it so slow?

I’m going to go in and make changes for breakpoints and images soon, but I noticed that the Editor X team likes to see the slow sites in action, so I thought I post the link here first before I make changes.

Thank you for your time

Sep 30

The site I made in editorx is also very slow. The sad part is performace is really poor in mobile view. it even crashes. Maybe they are still in beta so got a lot of stuff to optimize.

Hello Pete,

I am Naama from Editor X Product Team.

I have forward your site link to our R&D to investigate the slowness that you have reported.

Thank you,


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